Our Integrated Solar Led Street Lights are stand-alone system comprises of a pole, photovoltaic module, Lithium batteries, and energy-efficient luminaires. Our wide range of solar lighting systems offers an environment-friendly and economical option. Applications Suitable for For areas which do not have access to constant electrical power grid, Pathway illumination, Roadways Illumination, Remote Areas, Farm Lighting

  1. MNRE approved & BIS Certified
  2. Compact design with Lightning Protection, Over Charge, / Discharge Protection.
  3. Fully automatic Dusk to Dawn function
  4. Automatic Dusk to Dawn function
  5. Charge controller Auto-Dimming Operation after 6 hours to save power & give good backup
  6. Proximity sensor to go to the full-bright mode when there is movement.
  7. IP 65 Ingress Protection – Suitable for all weather conditions
  8. LiFePo4 Battery for the long life of more than 5 years
  9. Short charge time, only 5-6 hrs, the Long discharge time of more than 12 hrs
  10. Maintenance Free & Ready to Install on any type of street poles
  11. High-Efficiency Solar Panel
  12. Solar panels and outreach arms swivel 360 degrees to suit site conditions.
  13. Aluminum Body, Engineered for high wind area
  14. Components are modular for easy future replacement and maintenance

  1. Anti-Theft, No switch, no wiring, and no external battery!
  2. Eliminates expensive mains cable installation costs
  3. Eliminates any associated electricity bills
  4. Increases public safety and aids in providing a safe working environment
  5. In areas where mains power is difficult to access
  6. Fully automatic operation
  7. High-quality construction and components
  8. Designed for easy servicing and maintenance where required
  1. Entire Solar Street light System (including battery):- 1 year
  2. PV Panel - 25 years as per manufacturer’s warranty

Available Models:
  1. Single Luminaire: 9W to 40W
  2. Double Luminaire: 12W & 20W
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