Solar Controllers

Solar Pump System includes Photovoltaic Panel, Electronic Device and AC Motor. Electronic Device is a combination of Inverter, MPPT and VFD. It uses the generated power from PV and converts in required form for AC Motor. Solar energy which is abundant on earth can be harnessed for this purpose.


  1. The SOLAR PUMP CONTROLLER products include diagnostic Features and protection from harmful conditions.
  2. Short circuit
  3. Under load
  4. Overheated controller
  5. Under voltage
  6. Dry run
  7. Locked pump
  8. Reverse polarity


  1. Tank filling
  2. Wildlife farms
  3. Rural water supply for villages homesteads
  4. Irrigation systems
  5. Fountains

Our Solar Water Pump Kit Consists of

  1. Solar Pumps : As per requirement
  2. MPPT Controller with GSM
  3. Solar Photovoltaic Array
  4. Mounting Structure
  5. Earthing and Lighting Kit
  6. Connectors &Asseccories

Some of the features include:

  1. Three Phase low voltage and high voltage AC submersible pump
  2. MPPT VFD pump controller
  3. Consumes Low power
  4. Low maintenance of pump
  5. AC motor
  6. Soft start feature prevents water hammering and increase system life.
  7. Easy to install
  8. GI structure with the manually movable option.

Why us?

  1. Our High Discharge based SS solar submersible pump
  2. High head based V4 and V6 Series pump
  3. Our pumps are designed with SS316 impeller for pump to prevent sand, rock and other particles
  4. Maximum Mechanical and Hydraulic efficiency.
  5. One stop Solutions: Get the complete Kit under one roof
  6. Warrant Assistance
  7. Technical support
  8. Customized Kit
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