We understand our consumers and constantly innovate to deliver solutions that meet their needs. Which is why we have introduced a solar panel that produces AC electricity directly and launched for the first time in India, AC Solar Module? Instead of connecting solar modules to a standalone inverter, opt for the AC Solar Module with an inbuilt micro inverter to enjoy uninterrupted power.

Completely reliable for its performance and quality, Our AC Solar Module offers several advantages:

  1. More efficient and therefore produces more electricity
  2. Modular design, allows easy expansion by adding solar panels to meet growing needs – just plug in more modules.
  3. Minimum effect on energy generation due to shading and soiling
  4. Unlike central inverters, if one panel is shaded, only that shaded panel sees a drop in production. It does not affect production of other panels in the system.
  5. Increases energy efficiency over String inverters
  6. Safe because it handles low voltage at the module level and High voltage DC elimination on roof. No DC cable & modules mismatch losses
  7. DC to AC conversion at modular level & Individual MPPT per PV module.
  8. IP68 enclosure to withstand harsh weather conditions to ensure no single point of failure

Each AC module operates independently. Even if a few become dirty or are in shade, it won’t affect the performance of the other modules and this means more energy is harvested per kW of sunshine. The AC module can be connected to a SCADA system and the performance of each module can be monitored as well.


Our range of “SOLKRAFT” DIY solar on-grid micro inverter home kit is a revolution in the solar power industry. We believe every home owner has the right to own his own power plant. We make this possible through our latest range of Solkraft solar on-grid micro inverter kit which is affordable, reliable and durable product. Now with Solkraft SMI Every house owner can install a solar power plant with a single panel on the roof and start saving power. Our Range of DIY solar on-grid micro Inverter Kit ranges from “1 Panel to 10 Panels”

Advantages of Solkraft Solar Micro Inverter Home Kit:
  1. Affordable: Our Solkraft SMI Kit comes in a wide range from 1 Panel to 10 Panel. You can buy a single panel as per your budget and later multiply them.
  2. Complete Kit: Our Solkraft SMI kits contain everything you need to complete the installation with step by step detailed instruction manual. (Except the standard AC wire to run to your house main panel).
  3. Easy to install: Our Solkraft SMI Kits are compact and designed using Plug and play components and provides a simple, reliable, hassle free and easy to install kit.
  4. Quality Components: our Solkraft SMI kits contain components from the most prominent brands of solar sector that are picked up after a meticulous research, this is to assure, durability, reliability, affordability and safety with maximum warranty.
  5. One Stop Solutions: Now no need to run pillar to post to claim your warranty, with our Solkraft SMI kit you can claim all the warranty at one single point and have a hassle free life with just a phone call away.
  6. Warranty*: 25 years warranty for module with 10 years on the inverter
  7. Our Solkraft SMI Kit is Ideal for homes, hospitals, schools, and offices where safety is of paramount importance as there would be no high voltage setup on top of the building and even where is transient shade from immovable objects such as nearby trees, chimneys, or adjacent structures.

Financial Support:

Our Solkraft SMI Kits are available on EMI.
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