Western Solar Home Lighting Systems

No electricity! No problem! You can now empowered by the Sun!

Solar Home Lighting Kits are the perfect compact and economical solution designed for domestic application as an independent power supply in remote locations where electricity is unavailable, unreliable, or expensive.

We at western solar systems expertise in customizing, Integrating, and designing Solar Power Conversion System to suit every requirements of our clients. Our association with the best and dominant brands in the solar sector assures a safe, durable, value of money and most reliable products. Our Products approved by Government of India and well received in the home and commercial segments because we believe in giving our clients the most reliable product that suits their requirements.

1. Provides power and lighting to the places where power supply is scarce.
2. Solar Optimization Techniques maximized solar usage
3. Reduces Electricity Bills
4. Easy to Install, Pollution free and Highly efficient
5. Reduce your carbon footprint
6. Compact design and Low Maintenance cost

Western Solar Systems offer complete range of Solar packages! There are various kinds of Solar packages you can choose from such as: DC-based system, AC based with backup (Off-grid), AC based without Backup (Grid-Tie). There are also options to convert your existing Power backup into Solar Systems. The models are as below

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