Our Solar Prioritizer is an upgraded version of Solar charge controller, it works only if you connect with existing setup of inverter and battery, which converts conventional Inverter into hybrid solar system. The Solar Prioritizer is a fully automatic solar charger which can also control the ac supply to an existing UPS. The 16-bit microcontroller continuously track the PV panel Voltage, Based on an advanced multipoint tracking algorithm, it optimally controls the ac power input to the inverter or UPS.

1. Convert your conventional inverter into Hybrid Solar Systems.
2. The Smart changeover optimally controls the ac input to the UPS and ensures the battery is never undercharged.
3. The advanced charging technique using an optimized automatic boost cum float charging algorithm assures full charge and improved battery life.
4. Current and Voltage sensing for high effectiveness. 5. High charge capability up to 30Amps. Thus, up to 480Wp/12V or 960Wp/24V panel can be connected.
6. Electronic protection for reverse connection of Panel or Battery.
7. Direct termination up to 6 sq mm cable
8. Manual selection option to enhance utility
9. Easy to Install.
10. Battery level indicator for Battery status update.
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