Our Solar Charge Controller regulates the energy flowing from PV arrays into batteries. The Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm is used in our advanced solar charge controllers to track the peak power delivered by a solar panel and maximize the energy harvested by the panels. This is used to charge battery using solar panels, it prevents batteries from overcharging. It converts a higher voltage DC output from solar panels to lower voltage for batteries. It comes with inbuilt DC output to run DC appliance such as charging mobile phones, running fans, lights on solar charge controller. There are three ratings that are extensively used in solar charge controller 6 amps, 10 amps, and 20 amps, it supports solar panel from 125 watt – 800 watts.

  1. Ideal for Home Lighting, Street Lighting, Security Systems, Remote Monitoring System, DC Lighting etc.
  2. Protection against overcharging and reverse current
  3. Replacement Warranty for 2 years.
  4. Automatic Boost cum float Charger
  5. USB port for Mobile Phone Charging.
  6. Dimming interface to LED Driver
  7. Compact, Easy to install, Low Power Loss in night.
  8. Affordable, Safe, reliable and high efficiency
  9. User can select features of Dusk to Dawn or Continues Output Control in few models.
  10. Extra savings with latest MPPT Technology.
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