Western Solar Hybrid Solar Power Conditioning Unit (SPCU) system is different from traditional inverters. They are designed to deliver 24 X 7 / 365 days power. The SPCU is an advanced, high efficiency with unique and powerful features. The SPCU is connected to Solar Panels, Solar C10 Batteries, and Grid. The load is automatically powered either from the Inverter or the Grid depending on the availability of Solar Energy and status of battery. Similarly charging happens by solar charger or grid charger depending on battery charge status and availability of solar energy. Solar charger always takes priority over grid charger. This is engineered with two unique modes of operation - SOLAR mode to minimize electricity bills and NORMAL mode to maximize power availability The Inverter output is a highly regulated and stable pure sine wave which can be used for any type of sensitive and expensive electronic equipment’s. It can run any domestic loads like incandescent bulbs, CFL lamps, fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, fans, mixers, blenders, food processors, TV, music system, DVD player, personal computers etc.

  1. Our System can deliver 24x7 & 365 days Power.
  2. High-efficiency SMPS based Inverter
  3. MPPT solar charger with dynamic tracking points
  4. Pure Sine Wave output for better and safe performance
  5. Solar & Grid Charging option
  6. ECO-Friendly, Aesthetic look and Easy to Install
  7. Provision for remote disabling of output
  8. IGBT based high-frequency inverter
  9. Automatic NO-LOAD cutoff save battery charge when there is no load.
  10. Wi-Fi connectivity with PC/ Laptop through local Router to dump log data
  11. Data logging based on Real Time Clock(RTC)
  12. Warranty: 2 years Manufacturer’s
  13. Compact, Sleek artistic design, light Weight and Wall Mounted with LCD Display for Easy Monitoring and fault annunciation
  14. High level of protection from overload, short-circuit, over-temperature, battery low and battery overvoltage, reverse phase at output.
  15. Two Mode of operation:
    a. Normal Mode = To Maximize Power Availability (Solar – Grid – Battery)
    b. Solar Mode = To Minimize Electricity Bill (Solar – Battery – Grid)
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