We at Western Solar Systems feel privileged to launch our new range of product designed to deliver clean and pure water under our brand name “Aqua- Strainer”.

Water comes to our home from different sources like Bore-well, Well, Municipal Water, Tanker etc., and has lots of impurities. This impure water is used by us for Brushing, Bathing, washing vessels, cloths and so on, due to this impure water we suffer health hazards and our expensive equipment such as solar water heaters, heat pump, booster pumps, expensive showers, taps, washing machines etc. gets damaged by clogging.

But all these worries are now taken care by our new range of product “Aqua-Strainer” a unique product engineered to save your health and expensive equipment. It also increases the life span and enhances their performance. Now by installing this, you can get complete freedom from dripping and clogging.

Our Aqua-Strainers are manufactured utilizing the best quality materials in compliance with set industry parameters. These products are broadly in demand for their compact design, zero maintenance, and excellent performance. Our Aqua strainer are either Installed at the point from where the water enters the overhead tank or at the entry point of pipeline that enters inside the home, flat etc., To purifies water right at the source by removing all impurities like Debris, sand, silica, dirt, mud, and other sediments from water, flowing from the outlet of the overhead tank to the pipelines going to various points inside the house. Hence prevents damages and clogging of connected equipment like Solar water heater, heat pump, booster pumps, showers, taps, concealed and open flush tanks, washing machine, diverter etc. This product is essential for domestic purposes like house, Villas, Hotels, and Apartments etc.


  1. Aqua-Strainer enhances the life span of the connected equipment by providing clean sediment free water throughout the house thus avoids clogging.
  2. Aqua-Strainers are Corrosion Resistant, Elegant and Compact in size.
  3. Aqua-Strainers are easy to install and free from external maintenance.
  4. Aqua-strainer is designed with a self-cleaning mechanism and can be mounted on the wall.
  5. The versatility of these strainers is such that they can even be fitted inside the ducts.
  6. Whole House Sediment and High Performance depth filtration
  7. No Electricity required It works on the Gravitational Principle
  8. Due to simplicity in connection, local plumbers, technicians, can easily install the filter
  9. The Filter being wall mounting can be fitted with wall bracket and flexible rubber straps with hooks
  10. All materials used in this Technology are eco-friendly and recyclable
  11. Since the filters do not have any moving parts, there is no wear & tear of the filter hence it enables long life span
  12. If the filter element is clogged it can be easily removed, washed and Re-inserted
Our AQUA-STRAINERS are available in various models to suit various dimension as per the requirements of consumers.
The models available are
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