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Western Solar Ultra is a series of solar water heater with its inner tank is made of thick glass lining coating. It is the best solar water heating solutions for hard water and gives clean hot water. Western Solar Ultra meets your water heating needs even in the hardest water conditions, without the worry of corrosion. This procedure is also called Glass lining, Glass lined steel, Glass Coated, Glass Enamel, Vitreous, or Porcelain finish. The creation facility for glass enamel covering tanks is completely mechanized and first of its kind in India.

  What is Glass lining?

‘Glass Lining’ is an internationally renowned technology in solar water heating systems to help corrosion of solar water inner tank and provide clean hot water. As we are aware when corrosion strikes, almost nothing escapes. Corrosion affects most kind of metal surfaces especially in solar water heating systems; it can affect the inside of the tank. This happens in areas that have hard water. Hard water has chloride content that can even corrode tanks of stainless steel material.

Glass lining is a combination of three processes. Production of powdered glass, metal fabrication, and combining the glass and metal. It is non-stick coating created by fusing powder glass to an inner surface of the metal tank by firing between 850 °C to 870 °C in an automatic furnace resulting in a coating that melts, flows, and then hardens to a smooth, durable glass coating on the metal surface. So that glass and metal cannot be separated from each other. Glass lining provides superior longevity to the hot water tank. In certain areas, stainless steel tanks tend to fail more rapidly than glass lined tanks due to chlorides in the water.

  Benefits of Western Solar – ULTRA

  1. Gives Clean and Hygienic water.
  2. Highly resistive glass lining prevents corrosion from hard water.
  3. Highly resistive to impact of chemicals making the water safer
  4. Better lifespan compared to Stainless Steel tanks.
  5. 5Makes the system suitable for all kinds of water.
  6. Thermostat Electrical coil back-up as options.
  7. Since glass is a good insulator of heat, water remains hot for longer.
  8. Resistive to abrasion which makes it mechanically strong.

Available in Litres:
  1. 100LPD
  2. 150LPD
  3. 200LPD
  4. 250LPD
  5. 300LPD
  6. 500LPD

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Western Solar-ULTRA

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